• lissee33 5w


    Ive met alot of people,
    in this journey of life,
    And I seem to find ,
    alot stuck in a timezone,
    Not the present as you and I,
    the 60's ,70's and 80's,
    Are the years that come to mind,
    Where they haven't moved on,
    from maybe the best time of their lives,
    they love the music,
    and dress the same,
    as they would,
    in these days,
    they haven't acknowledged the world has changed,
    and things in society have changed in ways,
    they bag out today's music,
    technology and more,
    they haven't let go,
    to open their minds to explore,
    shutting down to a new way in time,
    scared of what they might find inside,
    acknowledging emotions,
    and all kept within,
    to scared to let go,
    a time that they know,
    in a world ,they do live,
    a world full of ignorance