• wistful 6w

    This year has exceptionally excelled in getting into our bones and brains. Its ups and downs has ravelled our fears and apprehension and deaths and pinpointed the emotion of void and loss.

    The start of the year was inexplicably hard for me to accept. And as it slowly traversed by my healing process was aided by my favourite human. Both of us have had our (un)fair share of losses insurmountable but the string of love in our hearts tugs and pulls us back into our space. I love you till infinity and back. Ad infinitum.

    This poem is dedicated to three people stanza wise

    For anyone who's healing and refusing the love and kindness s/he deserves.

    For the person who's by my side, as my guardian angel and I his, selfless and genuine and unnerving self of himself, ebullient and unpredictably the best human I've ever talked to. I'd rather not say more about him because his name is an emotion that makes me smile despite having really bad days.

    The person whom I got the opportunity to talk thrice, who left us but is still here. I remember the first time I ever read you. It was the ABC poem which made upto the popular section. It was such an optimistic way of presenting nature, and it was my favourite read of the day, it even contained the word butterfly. You know what, I love the audacity with which you portray serious topics and add humour to it. I love the way you were witty. You deserved everything and I'm more than glad writersnetwork reposted and often times put your posts in popular section. No one could have suspected what you were going through, you're so brave. I've one regret I'll live with, a promise unfinished. But it's okay. Everytime I'll feel low over something trivial, I'll remember how a brave soul battled with life with a smile on his face everytime something troubled him

    SAKSHI. YOU INSPIRE me in ways I won't be able to explain ever. You have a heart made of gold. Your words are platinum..... I won't be able to elucidate more :')
    I commend all mirakeeans for being so supportive and kind and understanding in the meeting. Appreciate��

    P.S. I feel unworthy as a writer. It'll go away I know. And it'll come back. But I won't :)?

    @hindrance ��✨✨✨

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    Blank ink/inking blank

    tranquil as skies
    spread on the ocean of space
    healing takes courage
    more a metamorphosis
    healing starts as a ripple
    over stitched scars
    love as bandage
    bonds the pain, breaks, melts
    sadness into quantum

    o(f/n)good days

    holding hands, we
    will cross seas of misunderstanding
    emerge as oysters
    of our universe
    shining into existence with love
    and faith unaffected
    we'll paint
    our skies with a shade
    of your smile
    and my eyes
    I'll let you cry in
    my arms till
    your tears and
    pain bid me
    goodbye and leave behind the
    ash of wings
    i'll let
    you make me smile, an
    arc of rainbow
    a world full
    flowers and butterflies await you
    to behold and
    and concoct your
    v(i/er)sion of the world

    he taught us
    to wash away the tears
    with waves of
    grins and wittiness
    they have power to overcome
    hurdles posed by
    life and universe
    the heart is less an
    organ, it's
    a diary untouched
    set of words never uttered
    a wilted bouquet
    and he never
    thought twice to grab the
    opportunity to learn
    and to teach
    everyone to laugh and smile
    from their heart
    his legacy is
    imprinted in our hearts
    in our poems
    he may be gone
    but his shadow is always
    roaming in lanes
    of mirakee
    as it echoes his bright
    words and smile