• mishrajiwrites 35w

    'The Nightcrawler'

    Bang!....Bang!....Bang!....Mr. Raval and Mr. Naresh, immediately tried to open the door after what they had heard from Mr. Gopala. They tried. And tried again. But their combined strength was not enough to reveal what was behind the door of apartment no. B-203.

    They all gasped in fear, when they saw tiny streams of blood, flooding out of the door, drenching their feet in. Mr. Raval felt unconscious and started breathing heavily. So were they all. He sat down on the stairs to catch his breath and feel his heart again.

    Meanwhile Mr. Gopala dialed 100. "Hello police station....I am speaking from the Red Apple Residency, near Vasu lake,.....we have a situation here......, and we think its a murder."

    Three a.m. in the morning and annoying siren of the P.C.R. van had done its job. Crowd gathered around the scene, making it difficult for the squad to reach the apartment.

    Mr. Deore, inspector-on-duty and Mr. Patil sub-inspector by post were at the door of the apartment already. Bang!......Bang!......two sturdy policemen tried to open the door. It took them some time, but the door finally gave up.

    No one could see a thing, because the lights were off, the room was dark, dark was this dreaded night and so was the night-crawler........

    To be contd....

    Follow me to know what unfolds next in this story.