• purvikanodia_ 6w


    A plethora of infinite possibilities;
    The constant wars in my forehead
    The ones even if I win,
    a part of me still loses,
    A symphony of oxymorons
    Less of this and more of that
    Clash of what if's and may be's
    The struggles of yes and no
    A rustic combination of distorted
    perceptions and misconceptions
    Parasitic, which like a slow poison
    Prey to intrinsic complexities
    Blend of prejudices and
    modern advices
    Logic and tragic in bits and pieces
    Of all sorts of why's and how's
    Victim of hypocrisy
    Breeding ground for depression
    Where my thoughts cover the distance between Kashmir and Kanyakumari
    Little knowing the path was a circular one
    Heights of indeliberate creativity
    Modern art of unconscious mind
    Incomprehensible to the world
    The mindmazes of unconditional
    entries and tentative exits...