• bv_lostpoetess 9w

    I stared at the walls,
    listening to the story it told me
    of the marks it got on it's face,
    from our spinning cricket balls

    The windows cracked open a bit,
    and revealed a room once so lit
    now lifeless and unrepairable,
    lay what once never had a speck of dust

    The abandoned old charpoy still seemed,
    to wait for it's occupant to come back
    I looked around to see the wretched well,
    Now buried under mosses and ferns
    Which once nearly claimed my life!
    If it was not for granny
    And oh! She was buried nearby too

    One look at the evergreen mango tree
    brought back memories of my childhood
    the charpoy tied to it with thick ropes,
    and we, waiting for our turn to swing
    Granny rocking the armchair
    Betel juice spilling from her mouth

    My eyes welled up and my vision blurred,
    no more could I stand the sight of my home in ruins
    I looked enviously at the mango tree standing unaffected
    A promising nod came from it, to protect my home and my granny's grave
    Unlike me who failed to protect what's mine
    And left behind everything I own
    In seach of something unknown