• drinnocent 5w

    I don't know

    All i konw is I've fallen many times
    Let me not give you a wrong impression
    But for the past years I've failed to show my expression.
    All I know I'm not perfect
    Either do I wish to pretend perfection
    No maybe my emotions gave you a wrong direction.
    I'm just a human being who decided to be
    Disobedient but I've learnt.
    Thing is we all have a right to freedom
    Of speech living in a democratic country.
    But do we have a freedom to live all the norms of a society ,do we have a way to be us where we don't do because it is expected .
    Free are we free from experiencing our own visions where our dream matter the most.
    I don't wanna be a Doctor or a policeman just because I will get a job.
    But I wanna experience my own potential where I will become a writer knowing that it might not be popular but let me fail.
    Nobody fear failure but we fear one another.
    We compete without realising we have lost ourselves in the process.
    I don't know
    Can someone plant unit
    So that tomorrow we will rip love
    Where a hand wash another hand.

    I dont know.....