• amadea 4w

    He Makes Me Forget To Try

    He Makes Me Forget to Try:
    There’s always been an idea in my head
    Of what I want to be but instead
    Of being adventurous, funny, undeniably intelligent
    I have become scared, annoying and delicate
    I have tried so hard to become what I want, as if I wasn’t those things already
    To a point where I stopped being those things and became unsteady
    Not knowing who I am anymore or what makes me unlike others
    The averageness consumed me and wiped away my colours
    I became dishonest and unworthy of anything
    I would find a cigarette and to them I’d cling
    Because what’s the point if I just blend in?
    Why should I try if I won’t win?

    But then, there’s him
    He told me that sunsets bloom from my soul
    That my colours were not grey and I am not grim
    That my search for adventure escapes into the air every time I breathe
    That my humour stands tall on a mountain’s top
    But he does not speak these words
    Instead he makes me forget to try being a prop
    So, I become what I once was as I stop praying to lords
    As I just live and breathe with him by my side
    I pray he doesn’t leave and take my colour with him
    For he shows me, me
    The me that I try so hard to be