• rajshekhar_7 6w

    Fears gliding inside the heart,
    on the marshes effortlessly floating,
    above the surface of the wet dark.

    Trees guarding the fragile waterlilies,
    on clear blue days, clouds missing,
    as tourists peer into, from the outside.

    Amidst the seen and hidden…notice…
    the unheralded, quiet dreams.
    They skim the deep, obscure unconscious;
    they edge the awake visible inland.

    While lighting strikes the egos, splitting, breaking;
    and frights shaken, blown, tossed aside,
    hopes sway with the wind,
    allowing the reeds to prevail.

    Amidst the seen and hidden…notice…
    your dreams, hopes:
    robust, so that they remain after the storm,
    bending, so that they may never break.....

    #mirakee #writerstoli #peace #mirakewriters

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