• thesleeplessdreamer 50w

    ["Stayed in the cold until I felt numb. I asked you if you thought that I was okay. I just wanted someone to tell me that I was okay."]

    Control was my reassurance.
    Let me know that I was secure in this.
    That I was okay.
    Reminded me that once I had a grip
    on it all then I could have formed it into anything I wanted it to be.
    But I crumbled into myself and it all exploded like fire in the darkness.
    And just like that, my world turned red and the glow was so blinding that I lost sight of everything I had done.
    Blurred vision.
    Burnt retinas.
    So now this darkness reminds me that I am lost.
    So now I ask strangers if I seem okay, because I can no longer see my own reflection.
    See me.