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    I wanted to fall in love with you and became your unwrinkled poetry forever. I wanted a pink sky and some golden dazzling stars of your love. Becoming a metaphor of your stained verse, I would winnow some autumn breezes inside the myriads of your syllables.

    I wanted to feel the melody of your morning and to listen the lullabies of shining stars and silken moon while sleeping on your arm. Becoming your flamboyant dream, I would love to quench your angst and agonies.

    I wanted to kiss your forehead with my red lips and stow you away from this intolerable world. Whispering your favourite Shakespearean sonnet, I would love to become a love balladry for you.

    Then my heart warned me
    “You can't afford another heartbreak before your death.”

    ~Then I wanted to die inside the dazzle of your love.

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