• rashmi_sinha 10w

    Met you
    became friends
    had fun
    freaked out
    shared secrets
    fought with you
    over you
    for you
    cried for you
    with you
    teased you
    hurt you
    missed you and
    here i'm stil thinking of you

    Long journey huh?
    Will never let it end, right?
    Just wanted you to know
    that you are more valued

    Hurt me
    Tease me
    Make me cry
    At the end
    Give me your shoulder
    on which i can cry...

    तू ही तो जन्नत मेरी
    तू ही मेरा जूनून
    तू ही तो मन्नत मेरी
    तू ही रूह का सुकून
    तू ही अंखियों की ठंडक
    तू ही दिल की है दस्तक
    और कुछ ना जानूं मैं, बस इतना ही जानूं
    तुझमें रब दिखता है, यारा मैं क्या करूँ...

    Hey don't be so senti... Listening this song only...