• tat444 6w

    Keep Fighting

    The best of me only wishes the best for you. It's true, we live in a chaotic world filled with vanity, its insanity but honestly there's a reason for this fall of humanity. I'll burn bridges only to light the way for true salvation in this devastion we know as life. Only demonstrations of exercising demons from our wicked nation will be my journey towards peace and our soul restoration. They say only the strong will survive, so to whom ever reads this, remember... You're still alive. So what does that tell you? I'll never turn my back on any of us, for any reason, I'll be the shoulder for leaning or anything I can be.. just to truly help you...
    That evil me no longer exists, I only describe a world on fire that was designed by the shadows themselves. Just to fill us all with greed and endless desire. But we are never too far gone, I wrote this message as another reminder for who we truly are, through all that we do. We are one, limitless souls with endless potential... And when we all wake up together and stand up against this system in disguise... Is the moment this nightmare finally fades away forever. The moment all of our broken dreams finally come true, the veil is burned away... Our eyes will see nothing but love as we unplug from this matrix of lies. The rest of me wishes for the rest of you to forgive and forget. The only time wasted, is the time spent with regret. You're alive because you are as strong as the rest... Don't lose all hope in the thought of one bad day... Because tomorrow might just end up being... one of your best.