• fayello 10w

    Thinking of you

    Woke up and my thoughts were about you
    My feelings for you keep growing like a tree
    How big will it be I don't know but the future will tell
    Your tender voice in my mind
    Your cute smile I wish to see it always

    Do you know I long for the day I can hold you in my arms
    In a manner I can't describe
    To portray the loneliness my hands felt without you
    My thoughts really rotate around you and that firm attitude of yours

    I know God has you in his plans
    But I have you in my heart
    I keep waiting for the day to come the day you'll rush into my arms
    In a standstill will the sun and wind be
    Observing the birth of a legacy the story of my love for you

    I think on how to treat you
    I think on how to make you laugh
    I think on how to tell you I love you
    I am the definition of shy so my thoughts can only be express this way
    It is funny right but I do love you
    My thoughts wish to be with you just as my heart wants to belong to you

    I'll wait for that day to come
    The day I can finally hold you with no fear of losing
    The day I can finally steal a kiss from you So passionate that your heart will leave to remember forever
    Feeling each bit of the moment like a magical memory
    It's all love in my thought and it resonant to your little smile

    Yeah surely this are my thoughts and my wishes as well
    So I will start now and keep telling you how much I love you
    This night please listen to the melody of your heart
    For I am on my display for you
    Fully prepared to keep loving you in a wondrous manner