• sariaquraishi 5w

    IMPeRfECt bUt atLeaSt happY!❤

    what if i am not perfect?
    why do you even expect?
    atleast dont utter scum to disrespect
    i try but what if i left being imperfect.

    You mean i shall hide my flaws?
    but for what?
    just to make everyone happy?
    leaving my soul alone and unhappy?

    You mean i shall look attractive
    would not you gonna love me being unattractive?
    arent you distracting me?
    for me being the real me.

    what if i am a wretch?
    this is my life's sketch.
    My wrath be upon all of them,
    those who find anything wrong in being imperfect and overwhelm.

    try to find everyone perfect in every way
    Well,i dont need to make myself perfect anyway
    keep these thoughts of negativity away
    and thoughts of positivity should be convey

    Hearts are meant to be attached
    They are not meant to be detached
    Protect the hearts that are being attacked
    Their heart breaking taunts will let your heart ragged.

    Did they see my pain?
    why would they?
    they are only there to betray
    good times will come to repay!!!..
    Till then slay in every way!!!.

    Learn to be happy even being imperfect or perfect because nobody here is perfect ❤