• mistywins15 6w

    A Princess grows into a Queen

    A Princess grows into a queen, my dear.
    When that day comes, you cannot fear.
    I have taught you all the things you need.
    Be kind and do all good deeds.
    Do not forget those who follow.
    Your people should never grieve or wallow.
    It is your duty to serve and protect.
    Keep and maintain all their respect.
    Your time will come and I will not be here.
    But in your heart, I will always be near.
    Never let this life bring you down.
    There is a burden that comes with this crown.
    Just hold your head up high and smile.
    Your troubles will be gone in a short while.
    I love you, siempre y siempre, my dear.
    One day you will become a queen who doesn't fear.