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    As Estban drove them to the airport, three of them took the same flight to Sydney. All the time Sara kept staring the clouds, not even once turning anywhere. While Johnathan kept looking at her so peacefully, he felt so much in love.

    Sydney: Here they have reached their destination, Sara is still so silent. She wanted to ask where they are going but Johnathan asked her to move into the car while Estaban took them to Stacy's house.

    Into the house: The house is so big so that it can occupy almost 200 people. The beautiful weather, see shore and just silent, same as you wanted dear, Stacy welcomed Sara into her new house.
    Sara still confused finally asked Johnathan, will you please tell me where we are and who's this lady? Johnathan smiling at her, replied, I am so sorry I forgot to introduce you to my sister and wife of late Mr. Phillip. She's the owner of the entire Phillip industries here in Australia. Well I am her managing director and this is her house. Doctor suggested me to take you to a place where you find peace and I thought, her place would be the best. Don't you like it?

    Sara hesitantly replied, Of course I love the place. I am sorry Stacy you have to be in trouble because of me. I just don't remember anything. I am helpless!
    Don't worry dear, that's what we do in a family, right! Stacy consoles her. Well you need to rest now. Come on let's go upstairs to your room.
    Well I want a favor, until my nerves starts working in order, I want separate rooms for me and Johnathan. Please! Sara uttered in a low voice. But all of them agreed with no arguments.

    Sara entered her room and starts crying. It's all good here, but I can't remember them, just nothing! She started crying louder. Maybe John just heard and knocked the door.

    Are you alright Sara, may I come in. Look I who's here with me. Sara opened the door, Johnathan in his pyjamas with a kid of about 1 year in his arms.

    But he never mentioned about kids, or wait did he?
    Is this our child, am I mom ? Who's this tiny fellow....

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    From air to land this journey was amazing as if it is the first and last. But who's that lady and kid waiting out there. Sorry ! Is this my kid ?