• unspokun 5w


    If I had none, I'd tell..

    The Walmart manager: I know you see this long ass line. Getcho fake busy ass on one of these 8 registers cause I need to get THE FUCK...ASAP

    My coworker: I don't care about your pet's health condition at 8 am in the morning. All dogs go to Heaven.

    A jawn: I never met someone so mindless! It's scary..how can a whole soul be that void of substance. But you're genuinely a kind person and a pimp's driver seat couldn't be more laid back than you.

    My BFF: Tbh you're not. Cause I don't have one. Friendship is more than a word. I haven't felt that, at least not the pure version.

    My mother: I like to believe you're a strong woman, based on what I've seen you survive. But sometimes I wonder if it's strength or numbness. All you've known is abuse, I worry if it's become so normal, you prefer to go through it because thats the only life you know