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    What happens when you love things more than people? You get addicted to staying away from people!
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    I guess I need to fall in love more often.
    With those small town fresh mornings
    With those coffee beans on the milk, dancing
    With those "snooze a hundred times" days
    With those eager street dog stares!
    With those smiles on old faces that look forward to greet you
    With those baby fingers gripping you, and never ready to leave you
    With those normal, yet ravishing sunsets
    With those childish yet loving "hates"
    With those stary, look-upon-me nights
    With those never ending, "cry staring the ceiling" fights.
    Yes I need to fall in love with them more often,
    Coz' when you start, it's no less than a beautiful, non-regretable addiction!