• imagination 50w

    Is he back?

    Once she had a smile when she used to see him but now it's like she just saw something unreal in front of her.
    She skipped a heart beat today.
    When he passed by randomly.
    Like a stranger.
    But how could she ignore .
    She tried her best.
    To act like everything is fine.
    Actors too take birth with a broken heart.
    And she had just taken a new birth.
    She tried.
    But as he came closer.
    Like everything else had gone in some darkness.
    She fell numb.
    When she saw him.
    Nothing moved.
    She wanted that moment to pass away.
    The moment for which once she wished for to just pause .
    But that wish came up here.
    They looked into each other's eyes.
    Deep inside.
    And silently she died.
    Standing there she was just about to faint.
    Nothing worked.
    Nor words.
    Or to shirk.
    Everything else has just faded .
    A little black n white.
    With no emotions left.
    But she still cried that night.
    He had passed away already.
    He wasn't there.
    Just an illusion.
    That skipped her heart beat for a while.
    Just then she realised that she was still alive.
    Night are good they hide her tears.
    And the pillow keep that like a secret.
    She actually won the battle .
    No one saw her there.
    No one could hear that her heart beat had just rested for a while.
    No one saw that pillow which has just absorded those emotions.
    With no marks left.
    She wakes up next day.
    Went through the same path.
    This time he didn't came in her way.
    But her heart still found a way.
    To skip a beat.
    Why?? She didn't had any answer.
    She wanted to stop and ask the same question.
    But this time she didn't stopped .
    Just went away.
    With a smile.
    For a mile.
    And he passed by again.
    And the same story was repeated .
    And re repeated.
    She wanted to change the route.
    But she knew he couldn't see her.
    And she could.
    And she wanted to.
    She hatted her heart for that.
    But the heart was only that she was left with.
    So she just let the heart do what it wanted to .
    To break again ...N again
    ....N again.