• smitanand 5w

    Trifling Moments

    The pecks
    of hopscotching raindrops
    on my face
    as drizzling rains
    christens monsoon,
    reminding me
    of a childhood
    riddled in rainstorms,
    rainbows, puddles, petrichor
    and umbrellas

    An old song
    its fractured lyrics
    confabulated by a humming me
    crooned in silence,
    to put worries to sleep,
    reminding me
    of half forgotten lullabies
    my mother sang.

    A chocochip cookie
    dunked in snooty bath of cappuccino
    sighing aromatic syllables
    to a drowsy morn in Latin,
    and savored to melt
    within salivating depths,
    a decadent moment
    ~coated in chocolate.

    A chilled glass of orangade
    sweating on balmy afternoon like
    a glassful of liquid sunshine,
    flowing down parched throat
    in a citric gulp of delight,
    making sweltering summer minutes
    just a little bearable.

    A drawing
    born from my child's colors,
    bleeding hues,
    barely decipherable,
    but for me
    more precious than anything
    to be cherished forever.

    sung by my spouse,
    words stilted, half remembered,
    for me,
    as I listened touched
    my smile a mile wide
    and eyes sparkling with
    unshed emotion.