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    Insecurity, what does it means maybe my definition is not perfect to define what it is. It is a situation where I find myself in the darkest room of the world. There is hope to find someone,who can stay with me! But can I trust him, what my existence means to him???
    He is worthy of having someone better than me.Will he stay with me or I will remain alone in this room with the fear of losing him. I have everything but still nothing!
    Anxiety, depression and loneliness appears familiar to me. I have loosen myself,who I ought to be!

    And suddenly there is someone to make you fall in love with yourself.
    The one who tells you that it's okay to be alone in this world till you belong to yourself, you know who you are!
    There is no need to trust anyone till you trust yourself!
    You know your destiny ,just make it happen!

    Finally, I found someone who can stay with me to the infinity.
    'Love', it doesn't have a body but still I consider it as a creature of god. I was unable to see him in that dark room but he made me feel his presence inside me. I am secure within this godly creature and my life is part of this destiny!

    It is a story of Helen Parker who is a city girl facing a rare psychological disorder and how her life changes frequently throughout her journey to Paris.

    ( It is my first story on Wattpad. Check it now)
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