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    Relationship is like a train

    Is it true that the relationship with a loved one is like a train?
    Yeah! It sounds strange but is the truth.

    Our relationship is like a railway train.
    In which the Engine is trust, and the rest of the blocks are love.
    If we have trust in our relationship, then we can run our train for as long as we want.
    Similarly the two people in a relationship appears to be the railway track.
    On which the relationship named Train runs.
    If any one of the two people loose their interests and feeling of responsibility for the other one,
    The train doesn't run anymore.
    Our Friend circle, misunderstandings , fights and complaints are like platforms
    From which we have to go pass through
    Inorder to reach the destination of happy End Together.
    We have to cross all of these platforms.
    These platform doesn't mean that you have to change one of the parallel line of the railway track.
    At the end of the entire journey of the Train, the railway track should comprise only of the two parallel lines for it's ease, comfort and joy.
    Sometimes our Engine get hurt due to many reasons that try to destroy the Train, such as fights, misunderstandings, ignorance etc. But that doesn't mean that you should go out and change the Train. At those times, we should take some rest and Brakes for providing our Engine sufficient time to recover and get ready Again.
    So that we could start on our way of a happy journey again.