• tails2099 34w

    Chapter 9: Rebel part 1

    I got up, feeling a bit better then yesterday, I forgot how painful it was to transform. I thought letting my mind wonder to the past two weeks. "I guess" I started, feeling my fingers and toes "I'm good now!" Toes and fingers were like paws but... Longer! That's right! I never told Eli where I'd be or who I'd be. Guess I'll look for- "Excuse me miss?" A man said as he walked up to me as my heart dropped and he added "Have you seen an Eevee around? She's important to me" I shook my head a gentle no as he signed deeply. "If you see her, please bring her to me. My boss would like to" He was thinking of the right word, after a minute or so he said simply "Invest" And as he walked away I felt a new hatred form, I had a mission this time... And it was time to bring this 'Invester' down! I just couldn't do it alone.