• guria_jayas 24w

    My existence

    I am dead, all numb with my body
    My spirit left my body a long way ago
    Yet I do exist in your feelings
    Now which are being rare though
    Yet though the heartbeat collapse
    My heart is to you
    I have liked many people in my life
    Contradictory I had loved so few
    I still do exist in your behaviour
    And the way you take a bite of samosa
    I still exist in your noisy tear
    And snores that letting go you don't fear
    I still exist in your dreams
    When you smile during your sleep
    Today also my spirit lies beside your side
    And my smile on your finger tip
    So I have no issue with my existence
    I know I do exist in you
    And if you prove it a lie, I say nothing in this world is true