• johnnyshakti 5w

    The trails of meaning

    Walking with a blue,
    Moon gracefully leading,
    The dark river wearing,
    Black lace trees pricks,
    Of stars, gazing at
    Reflections in a rippling mirror,
    [crickets gossiping]
    The trail narrows, a throat,
    Leading into the woods,
    The trees bending above,
    Listening to words escaping,
    From these lips,
    [frogs croaking warnings]
    The dead of night, comforts
    Me. Invisible in the wild,
    Not a man with imagined fears,
    But an animal with thoughts,
    Of divine curiosity, I adore,
    [dogs barking at a distance]
    This anonymity, outside the gaze
    Of civilized society,
    The mountain lion attacks,
    From behind or above,
    Seeking my blind spot, so
    I remain alert, rare but no reason,
    To be defenseless,
    Walking with a broken heart,
    [bird caws]
    I turn to nature to lead me,
    Back into an inner world,
    Slowly lost once grasping,
    Diplomas, accepting positions,
    Proposing marketing strategies,
    Proposing, your hand in marriage,
    Sharing a home and a family,
    Until death, summons a warning,
    [animal flees through thick brush]
    Death points me to nature, to tune
    My soul with a longing to live,
    With a sense of liberty,
    First in nature, then internally,
    Finally in the the world of obligation,
    Preparing me for the final bon voyage.