• varisrebel 11w

    Love is...?

    The psychologist in me says: Love is a chemical reaction to mutual attraction. Shared experiences, the shaky bridge effect in action.

    The cynic says it is parasitic.

    The heart aligns with the brain for a minute and calls it symbiotic mutualism.

    The runaway romantic waxes poetic that love is a melding of minds and bodies that creates a whole different organism.

    The psychologist points out that the feeling of attachment is strongest at the point of orgasm. It's a shared chemical cocktail at the same bar. The romantic drinks freely without a care. Drunk on the feeling and walking on air.

    Love comes in different forms. Sacrificing your own thoughts to another's programming or two strong souls synthesizing their souls.

    Umm.... Love is pure and unselfish chimes in some small dying part of me.

    Counterpoint love is always selfish, a desire to be around a person all the time and be paid attention to by them.

    The same part growing bolder claims that that egocentric desire conflicts with the self sacrifice and the death drive and creates some new form of emotion.

    Just... Conflicting thoughts from a wound too fresh and painful to lick.

    I think love is hard to describe unless you are experiencing it.