• sajaljain_21 22w

    The final journey..

    Railway station where people meet and apart,
    Place where my story begun and closed out,

    She was out of station ,
    and was about to came back,
    I proposed her on social media,
    And was excited to met her after that,
    I went to station just to get a glimpse of her
    Finally train stopped,and heartbeats hastened.

    She walked out of a train,
    She was looking as beautiful as heaven
    That was the moment for which
    I was waiting for like since forever...

    That was the moment of a lifetime,
    The same moment repeated after couple of years,
    Where I met her for a last time as a lover
    Where I hold her hand like it would remain forever
    That was last time i saw love in her eyes,
    That was the final feeling of calling her all mine.

    Distance might grew,
    Or we weren't not fortunate enough,
    That final bid,that final touch,that final journey
    Where everything was messsed up..