• scarecrow 6w

    #poem // untitled

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    I sit with my new friend from the south
    You sit with your graphic tablet two tables apart.
    I remember you from last year
    You have only heard of my name.
    I feel like we would get along well
    You're into sadness too, I've been told.
    My heart runs a marathon
    With the thought of approaching you.
    It's not that I'm head over heels
    My brain probably thinks that getting awkward is the best way to impress like-minded humans
    It may be wrong
    Because this has never worked on purpose
    I didn't even want to go for it
    My shaky hands and stiff body with my heart trying to come out didn't even feel like trying
    I decide to be an onlooker of your alone time
    And I like that that's hard for you to find.
    Through my Spotify playlist
    I look for the perfect song
    Anything close to this situation
    Less about love and more about human connections
    The crave to relate
    To see what you could be
    You become a muse
    To my ugly doodle
    And I'm calmer now
    Until I take off my earphones to see if my friend just said something.
    And "F*ck My Life", I think to myself,
    Because I hear you listening to a song on your Bluetooth speakers
    And could you believe it, it's exactly the one that my earphones hummed to me when I just took them off?
    That's all there is
    That's everything that you wouldn't know.
    And I sit in the corner grinding feelings
    into fragments tinier than pixie dust
    So I got nothing to worry about
    Because you'll never see me.
    Not again.