• prashant010896 5w

    The Girl in Yellow

    And there I was walking down the street,
    Listening to this new sick beat.
    I noticed this girl from the corner of my eye,
    Glowing and beaming under the blue sky.
    There she was standing in her cute dress yellow,
    As I saw her I melted like marshmallow.
    My brain said, come on dude she's way out of your league,
    But my heart was ready for a romantic intrigue.
    As I approached, her face, it shook me,
    And I stood still like a big old oak tree.
    Cause you see... I knew her from my high school,
    Here is my chance I thought, just don't look like a fool.
    To my surprise she remembered me too,
    And that was the beginning of something new.
    We spent all day talking and laughing,
    On a sandy beach, bare feet walking.
    We shared an ice cream, my favourite butterscotch,
    Then we played a little bit of hopscotch.
    We talked about our dreams of tommorow,
    Then presented our pasts like a slideshow.
    They say, love at first sight isn't real,
    But all I wanted was to take a ring and kneel.
    Time went by and the Sun disappeared,
    To drop her home, I volunteered.
    As the lights dimmed it was time for goodbye,
    But when I went for a hug she disappeared into the night sky.
    My eyes were wide open, was all of it just lie
    Then I gotta contact my dealer, cause that batch... took me to a new high.