• lizzylove12 6w

    Yearn to Fly

    My heart longs to touch the blue of the sky
    Where only the blessed are able to fly
    Not held down by darkness, nor sorrow, nor sin,
    The weights of this world I am forced to dwell in,
    I cry to the Spirit of Greatness above,
    "Please show me your mercy, your kindness, your love,
    Cast from my my lust, my Hubris, my rage,
    Grant me the wisdom known to sage,
    Give me wings of an eagle, or wings of a dove,
    Or wings of a gryphon to soar high above,
    The smog of the earth, the scum of existence,
    To reap the rewards of my prolonged persistence,
    To reach the place I thought I might never
    Be able to reach; I'll stay there forever."