• tiarag 6w


    Why do we fall in love
    Just to fall back out
    Why do we fall in love
    With one who doesn’t love us back
    I’ve been manipulated in the name of love so many times
    That my love has turned black
    True love doesn’t harm
    Yet that’s not a well known fact

    Still it is fact
    Be it known or not
    I want a love that’s on fire
    Distinguished from something that’s just hot
    Fire purifies
    Casts away impurities
    To be ready for love
    One must reach maturity

    Yet I’d like a love that’s childish
    Not childish in how you may think
    But child like
    A love that sinks
    Anchors itself within the soul
    A love that will last forever
    One that never grows old
    This is a love that can be found first in Christ
    Is what I’m told

    ©Tiara Gildon