• mrspectacular 5w


    Like goats, against her will, you climbed her.
    Her innocence and chastity you greatly did alter.
    For you, it may have been sweet but for her, it was bitter.
    What you did to her was no far from what is done to a paper by a cutter.
    You put to her soul a dotter,
    Puncturing holes with every thrust you caused to enter.
    She wept as all of her, like birds from her, away did flutter
    But you paid no attention as a child of the gutter.
    You classified her as the bush meat and you the hunter,
    Hence in an inhumane manner, her most priced possession, you did inter.
    Heartless, you felt no jitter.
    You proved beyond reasonable doubt that your existence is to this world, a litter.
    Go confess before God and His servant that wears a miter
    To this burden you have put on this soul, you bumbling nitter.

    She had soul windows to the direction of a bright sun, open
    But you let depravity commandeer your ben.
    You and your entire coven
    Deserve a place in a den,
    For your acts and that of the creatures therein are even.
    By their actions, other creatures are fallen,
    By yours, an ignoble version of same is gotten.
    Her personality you completely finish or gruesomely halfen
    And her peace completely icen.
    Indeed you're not a fellow blessed with ken
    For if you were, you would looked through a better len
    Seen her being as more than just a hole in which to stick your pen
    But you let the idea of having her, like a paper, riven
    Becloud your element termed the number before seven.
    As if it was not enough damage that you took her wen,

    You demented nitwits took her life away;
    What's more right there in the holy bay.
    Spitting in the creator's face for breathing life into your lump of clay,
    Such humanoid decay.
    Your level of wickedness must, the devil, gladden and effray
    For you have made in his area of expertise, a foray.
    Treading his vicinity so gray.
    For you, he must be cheering hurray
    At the way, in his dark field, you did lay
    But with every commodity is a price to pay
    You bought in his estate, a quay
    Where there is no sun ray
    As with every commodity comes a price, you will pay
    And what's more? You will have no bargaining say,
    That's the way of your chosen way.

    May her chastity in peace, rest
    And for the ones whose souls you did, with their chastity, arrest
    May they both find in the land beyond, a place that's best.