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    Random Satire
    Part One of Three

    I waved her she stucked, I mean I think only men could be so silly or dumb to stuck in between the first gesture of their first meeting but she was an exception and I don't know why but I had a vehement feeling that she is herself an exception.
    So, tiring I swifted on the couch of the so called bar until she reached out for something in her purse and arrived at the table.
    'Hi' I plucked out words from my throat.
    She provided no response. She was just looking here and there.
    A call diverted her from being diverted from me, she immediately picked up the call, with tensed expression.
    'Haven't told, create something, you will, until your desire, she's a chronological bitch, platonic, until she, Yup! ' she pulled her phone, sorry 'I-phone' in her purse.
    'Everything umm okk?'I asked
    'Yes just...illing the motives' she mumbled
    'No. That chronological bitch' I mistakenely transformed my concerned face into a grin.
    'What's so funny' she was offended I thought
    'Sorry, I just can't get over it' I said quitely without grinning.
    I felt like I was a women and she was behaving like she has came to impress me but was doing nothing out of awkwardness.
    'Anything' I asked
    'I already told you it's nothing' she said
    'Um, I meant anything to eat, like I am starving' I clarified
    'Oh misunderstood' she said
    I shook my head. Awkward silence covered
    'Ummm' I gestured.
    'Oh sorry one mocha and one grilled chicken sandwich'
    'If you don't mind, no chicken today for me' I said
    'Oh ok I will take'
    'I mean no chicken on this whole table, actually I was not sure that you are non-vegetarian'
    'Are you vegetarian? ' she asked
    'Yaa, just shakes and cheeses to eat' I smiled
    She melted.

    To be continued...