• fallen_feather 10w


    I'm in college, don't have any crush,
    I'm 19+, but none makes me blush.
    I see my world in friends & family,
    I've learnt these words by heart, strictly
    Love! Isn't & will never be my cup of tea.
    I can feel for none, & none feels for me.

    Why? Why so many "why''s toiling in my mind?
    Then why? Why, a single answer, can't I find?
    Why everytime I land up on his profile?
    Is really, memes been an excuse all this while?
    Why indication of past in a single post
    Kept haunting in my dreams like a ghost?

    Just his mention chokes me as a knotted tie!
    No more being blind, I want to know why...
    Is this really beautiful? Or just a lie?
    Can I too feel for someone? Or still deny?