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    I tried to make this as clean as I could sorry if its not good enough for you people!

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    Re-booting the re-boot (Clean version)

    As we all know, Hollywood is an perpetual state of inactive creativity. They mine old franchises and re-boot them, just so they can utilize an already familiar brand and re-market it to the masses. More often than not, this turns out to be a really BAD IDEA! Nightmare on elm street, Friday the 13th, Arthur, There's a long list chronically Hollywood ineptitude at re-inventing a product, However, In few occasions, it has worked out somewhat well. Let's take Bat man For example, Back in the day it was all, HOLY PIE PLATE BAT MAN! And for 20 years that went on and ran it's course. Eventually leading up to the 90's re-boot, Bat man the animated series which was an excellent example of a re-boot done right. So there is proof it can work, You just need the right people dedicated to not mess it up. And that's what were doing here, as you noticed the cartoons have gotten a bit shinier and bit more refined and designed, it's the polished look of the Uber early old style of neurotically yours. Locations have changed a bit and things are slightly different, a cast of characters will be introduced to the masses giving neurotically yours a richer fuller viewing experience. So before you get all your buttholes in a tighter knot than they already are just Freaking relax. Not much will Change in the way of content. I'll still be pissed off doing my rants, Ger-mains butt will still be jiggly and the rest of the squirrels will be here too. OH look at how cute I am, Like a lice free comb for a baby! AWW! Yeah whatever. Since the person that does this cartoon is only one guy, he thought it best to focus his efforts on 1 show, rather than the 7 he has rolling around in his anger filled brain. So with that being said, you will see elements of all the other series worked into this one. Right here, or my records, Dia and tofu, A small quiet town, minions quest, everything will be intertwined into 1 series with massive kick assitude, if that's even a word, If it doesn't work out, we'll pick up where we left off with the fat blue haired jamain, so, don't worry, if it doesn't work we'll go back to square 1. WE'll re-boot the re-boot. Impossible?Nothing is impossible with your lord and master Foamy. Besides, he's been using the same character designs for like 10 years. You know, It's time for an Update Mother truckers! Deal, just give it a few episodes to establish what's going on. You impatient bastards! Why are my eyes so big? It hurts.