• prototypecavs 5w

    Dear Aarya

    To Dear Aarya,
    I thought i was at the end,
    But then you came in my life as a friend.
    You had some broken pieces,
    I wish every moment with you just freezes.
    I need to see you happy at any cost,
    Your happiness matters to me the most.
    You are the Queen to my kingdom,
    You used to express your emotions seldom.
    I thought you were a mystery,
    Then we talked and rest is history.
    Your message makes my day,
    I will keep you happy in every possible way.
    Thank you for trusting me,
    For me and you, communication was always the key.
    My day starts with you,
    My day ends with you,
    I have found a friend in you,
    That i will find never had any clue.
    I promise to be your side,
    And there will be nothing to hide.
    You cute adorable girl,
    Thank you for existing.