• goodluckleiyi 9w

    Happy birthday Darling

    Her words of encouragement are like guiding Angels, She's guided and guarded by the voice of reason.She glows like a a sheer of beauty, just like the luminescence of her beauty.Your beauty is absolutely aparent Tomilola, like the pink blush of winter cheeks, Corroborating the sensuous spice. You are like the sprouts of summer rain like the tranquility of nights, you are idyllically innocent and simple.
    Your smile is catching, your laugh infectious, your kindness unpaired, your beauty electrifying and your character a glyph of rectitude, your gentle nature and your loving heart is never overemphasized. You are incredibly awesome and delectable just like ur birthday cake hmmm, your fragrance overwhelms those within your midst and compels those aloof.
    Happy birthday beloved Precious