• melz07 10w

    Lasting Moment

    There is something about the last time
    That familiar warmth in the eyes
    The strands of hair resting on shoulders
    Where once our heads rested
    Seems ironic those days never gonna come again
    Where drawn are the moments in glowing ink
    But all moments have an end
    And time isn't going to be the same
    No matter how hard you want them to happen
    There are separate ways
    Each having a different destiny
    A gentle wish if we could leave on a happier note
    Wish we could cherish those evenings once again
    And the bright sunshine hitting your arched eyelashes
    Their shadow on your cheeks
    That glowing warmth in the eyes
    Through strands of hair resting on your shoulders
    Where my head used to rest
    I wish we could go for those long walks on the grass
    With our bare feet tracing over the tender dew
    Seems I have words alone to be with you
    And your scent on my clothes
    My heart rhythms to be with you one last time
    As we leave
    I pray you have everything you ever wished for
    Coz I couldn't fulfill the one wish you ever wanted