• neon_nuance_says 9w

    Objection no honor

    When we come in peace
    You fall asleep
    When we scream
    You say that isn’t Martin’s dream
    I can’t speak for him
    but he’d see our situation as grim
    That while you drown us; you’ll say too bad we couldn’t swim
    Command the horses to stretch us further until we’re seperated limb from limb
    Anything to further the divide
    To convince the world we are the bad guys
    Filling the airwaves with lies
    Swat us at every turn like a fly
    We built this country for free
    You threaten with violence when we take a knee
    I admire those who plunged to their deaths in the sea
    Tis more noble than to be hung from a tree
    You can’t vote out racism
    There’s no such type of legislation
    This country was built upon hatred
    It is in its very foundation
    You love black dick
    Our athletes are first round picks
    You want to be invited to the picnic
    But when we ask you to address our ills, you say we’re not sick
    To recognize our plight would require action
    Perhaps even compassion
    So instead you offer distractions
    When we offer solutions, you counteract them
    We create something and you claim it
    Call us ghetto and rename it
    Whatever the price, you raise it
    What it really is is counterfeit
    We are tired
    and though desired
    Your cooperation is not required
    We will light up the sky with fire
    You fight back and call it a revolution
    We fight back you say there’s gotta be a better solution
    Is it in our very public executions?
    The justice systems relentless persecutions
    Lift every voice and sing
    For us freedom bells have yet to ring
    Fuck left or right wing
    To each other we must cling
    I do not pledge allegiance to the flag
    The thought of reciting it makes me gag
    We are tired of seeing our own in body bags
    for the record Black lives matter is not just a hashtag