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    A disclaimer.

    Most of these poems express my real emotions. Of sadness, pain, how I’m depressed as fuck. There’s a reason that I have yet to share, and maybe I should address it. My dad passed away. In 2016, and it burns a lot more than it did when I found out he was gone. It really hurt. I feel like giving up sometimes, like disappearing is the only way out from this pain and the whole that seems to be engraved in my heart. I feel like I’m missing a piece of me, and I most definitely am. And some are about my first love, one whom still has my heart. He’s a special person in my heart, and I can’t let him go. He really helped me in these moments. And some are about my “best friends” and about my real best friends. And then there are some about my idols. And how they keep me going even when my world is falling apart and my heart is breaking. And then there’s the ones about my old home, where everything in my life was perfect. Where I knew everyone like the back of my hand and now I can’t help but feel like a nobody, alone in a crowd full of people who honestly probably don’t give a damn about me. This is me. A lonely, sad girl, with unspoken words.