• one_step_ahead__ 24w


    " I was left all alone, with the dazzling stars which were used to heal my anxiety and envy. I dived into the ocean of the endless darkness, with a little hope that one day, when I will come outside, I will be able to enjoy the frigidness of the moon, without having the barrier of existential angst and perturbations. I've been also gone through the profound solitude, with a few packets of cigarette, an old torn dictionary and a bunch of papers and pens. Whenever I needed someone, I had all those things right there, with me.
    A confined room, full of detrimental smoke, and a lot of torn written papers, thrown on the bottom corner of my messy table, it's all, where my dreams have survived once, it's all, where the devil inside me have been grown up.

    It's how I trained the devil inside me ."