• eulogylover 10w


    There is a gnawing hollowness in my chest
    I feel empty as well as restless .
    The day feels incomplete,
    The night feels worthless!
    As my heart hasn't meted out it's thoughts in the form of poetry!
    'Writing' is an indispensable part of my life.
    So is poetry! An offshoot of writing.
    The temptation to write poems can never be relinquished.
    If the work is not done properly the temptation increases.
    Temptations are at times a beautiful jinx as they 'gatecrash' into your life at an unwanted time.
    Their presence makes you insane!
    The knowledge of right and wrong hardly matters as satisfying them becomes the topmost priority.
    So is my temptation, a proper poetry calms down my mind but an improper one adds on more fury and tempts me to write more..