• pen_to_paper 10w

    Sandy coloured shore
    salty water seeps into the ground
    daddy's strong iron hands pounds
    the soft sand
    my tiny hands rolls and molds
    the mud into solid walls
    together we build castles in the sand

    a cool breeze kisses my cheeks
    bucket and spade plays hide and seek
    under a heap of sand

    we build roads that moves uphill
    so high you can see tomorrow's sky
    through mountains big and rivers deep
    seagulls squawk as they quarrel over breadcrumbs left in the middle of the street

    we watch as the water ebb
    the rainbow coloured umbrella sway
    to the rhythm of the wind
    seven waves peeks out of the water
    like clouds formed the day after
    a heavy downpour

    I look at daddy and I smile
    as he picks up one seashell
    holds it gently to my ear
    I hear the ocean's laughter

    we decorate our castle
    with pebbles and pink and white feathers
    we gathered on our walk moments before

    It's not one of those Victorian style castles
    you will find at the end of a magical fairytale
    daddy and I built it from scratch

    right now as the gleaming sun
    opens up its mouth to say hello
    as daddy stretches out his hand to hold mine
    is the only thing that matters not time


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    //if my heart could speak it will say; "right now, matters more than you will ever be able to perceive"//