• pareeni 10w


    They exist, in the chaotic mind. A chaotic mind as my own.
    Where feelings were once dangers and a threat to survival.
    Feelings when shared were treated with disgust and disbelief.
    Feelings once belonged in the underworld with the God of Fear.

    Fear is a dear friend of mine, a constant companion.
    Fear has followed me to the deepest darkness and toward the happiest of lights.
    Though I have found, the safety of Fear has cost me dearly.
    It has hardened me and stolen all the soft sweet delicacies of life.

    As I make my way through the underworld with Fear in tow
    I loosen its grip through holding my dear feelings close.
    As pain overcomes my chaotic mind, rather than run to my precious Fear
    I sit quietly with my feelings, curious to understand and accept its message.

    Throughout my journey I shake off the cool tendrils of Fear,
    My strides becoming more confident, my mind less chaotic.
    My feelings introduce me to a new companion, her name is Peace.
    Together we journey onwards.

    Fear was never left behind, he simply kept his distance.
    Although he was no longer my constant companion,
    He knew he was still loved.
    He knew he was accepted.

    Together with my feelings, Peace and Fear
    I cross the chasm of chaos that once ruled my world.
    Through their balance I learn to stay alert,
    And I learn the true power and beauty of my mind.