• tolu_pr 9w

    Say No To Rape

    The act of rape,
    And inexcusable offence.
    No one deserves to experience such heinous act.
    Rapist are worse than animals.
    At least animals give a form of consent.
    Rape destroys more than the sex organs or the body.
    It affects the mind and soul.
    Sometimes it's unable to heal from its scars.
    There's no excuse for anyone to be raped is there?
    When someone says no, let it end there.
    And try to salvage the dignity you have left.
    I really am not blaming only MEN for raping,
    Nor saying only WOMEN get raped,
    That's not really the point.
    No one deserves to be raped,
    And no one has a reason to rape.
    The act isn't right, it shouldn't exist.
    So I urge everyone to take a step,
    No matter how small, take a step against rape.
    You don't know who the next victim could be.
    Instead of waiting or blaming God unecessarily for seemingly doing nothing,
    We already have the power to do something,
    We have stood watch enough waiting for someone else to act.
    But only the rapists have acted.
    It's time for us to make our move and put an end to this.