• shalini_shaw06 22w

    I don't know whether you miss me or not, but I do miss my best friend, my confidant. I do miss those days when we shared our secrets which we rarely told it to others. I do miss those silly fights too, where it took no time to turn it into friendship.But everything vanishes away when I remember the last few days, days when your ignorance made me feel bad or terrible I would say, when I cried and your heart didn't even melt, when I listened to my own helpless audio texts, trying to know whether you are just angry for a while or serious in giving up on all we had, when your ignorance, your blames took a toll on me, and that took the way of disrespecting me, which I know no one in this world deserves in return of a genuine thing that you have for someone, when your weakness was being used against you, and then when u finally realised that your self respect is way more important than any person out there no matter how much you love them. You
    shouldn't cry for a person who doesn't value you but cry for someone who loves you, who cares for you, who leaves no rock unturned to make an effort to make you happy, and most importantly who understands you. That is what true friendship is.
    People fight. People forgive. People talk. They don't leave. :)