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    Part 15

    Oliver Harrison looked extremely shaken at the mention of his sister's name. He put his head upon his knees and shook at his hair.

    "Monica, do you believe, in your heart of hearts, that Patricia could have done this?"

    "It's not what I think that matters Ollie. It's what the clues, the evidence tells me. You do understand that, don't you?"

    "I would still like to know what your gut instinct tells you."

    He looked so broken that Monica hugged him as she spoke in a halting voice.
    "My instinct will never make me believe that Patricia could do this."

    "When was the last time you saw her, Ollie?"

    "The day she graduated. We had another flaming row. I don't even remember what it was about. That was it. It's been a decade. God, time flies doesn't it?"

    "What was the return address on the ticket she sent you?"

    "Some place in Chicago if I remember correctly. I didn't really think about it. We haven't talked for over three years. No birthday cards, no nothing. How did it come to this Monica?"

    "Life eh?"

    They watched the shadows lengthen over the freshly cut grass, and felt them lengthen over their own lives, each breath a stab to the heart.

    - Avitaj

    To be continued
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    Patricia Harrison

    Oh Patricia, you've always been my North Star
    And I have to tell you something I'm still afraid of the dark

    - Patricia, Florence + The Machine