• creeplin 10w

    I wrote this for someone close to me, she has been there for me through it all. Too bad she won't get to read it(•‿•)
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    I see you

    I hear your voice whispering
    in my ears
    Your high pitch laugh
    Brings a smile on my face
    It commands an instant smile
    A smile brewed from
    the dungeons of my heart

    Her eyes are filled with hope
    I have lost mine
    "Your knees shall never bruise",
    She says as gently lifts me off
    the ground
    I have always known that she has my back

    I ask myself
    Will I be able to be there for you
    Little do you know
    I hold my heart in the palms
    Of my hands
    For It is like a puppy
    Leaping at you with excitement

    I could never let it go
    I fear what I could lose
    I fear losing you