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    i think its beautiful,
    waking up from a nightmare,
    when you aren't even asleep

    i think its beautiful,
    how it took me 15 years to realize,
    what they meant,
    when they said
    the monsters aren't under my bed

    i think its beautiful,
    how the moon ever dull,
    comes over every dusk, to burn,
    to paint its face and drown its hull,
    in a light, the sun never expects to return

    I think its beautiful,
    how part of me wishes to die tonight,
    part of me wishes its an accident,
    and part of me wishes someone notices and stops me

    i think its beautiful,
    how you asked me if i believe,
    in love at first sight,
    and i said i believe in unicorns,
    and it wasn't a lie,
    because I've always loved you both,
    without knowing if you exist

    i think its beautiful,
    how my mother told me
    that like warm velvet sands
    on bubbly summer beaches
    the harder you hold on to something
    the faster it slips
    maybe that's the reason
    i never closed my fingers
    when we held hands

    i think its beautiful,
    how you asked me once,
    where it hurt
    so you could kiss it better
    and i wonder where you are now
    that i'm clutching on to this pencil
    like my anchor to this world,
    and groaning, - "everywhere"

    i think its beautiful,
    how on that bridge they both wished for escape,
    and he let go because he couldn't love her,
    she let go because all she could do was love him,
    how saying that one goodbye
    was like hearing all the goodbyes she'd ever heard, at once,
    how she cried because she knew
    even if he came back
    he wouldn't be the same

    i think its beautiful,
    how its been 76 days,
    how the fossilized incense sticks under these rocks, still jam my heart, with hope
    how i talk to the huskies, and they tell me the sun sends me a rainbow casette
    how your cologne still dizzies me, but i don't know what colour your shirt is
    how my buttress is falling. what song was that ?
    how I fail to remember
    how the moonlit shore, stirs the intoxication of love into my glass of champagne tonight.
    how it'll never be 77 days because tonight, I'll find you.

    I think its beautiful,
    do you too ?

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