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    Finally found you:

    Unlit demesne with abstruse surroundings,
    I feel like I’m eternally lost here.
    Walking with droopy shoulders and a long tiring mass of flesh
    My debilitated eyes fall upon you.
    You are sitting with your back resting on the scabrous trunk,
    “ah it sure is hurting your back,” that’s what I first mused looking at your morbose body.
    You seem to have reconciled with the pain to be your home.
    Acceptance, that what seems to you as welcoming as the last kindled hope of survival.
    I drew myself near to you to have a glance of this castaway face;
    The moment I glanced at you, my heart oozed a stream of intent-
    Vehement in fervour of desiring you.
    In those chapped lips and flaked skin,
    The dolesome eyes invited a sense of belongingness.
    I leaned forward to run my fingers across your athirst hair,
    And looked into those distraught eyes,
    Kissed gently on your parched brow.
    Inquisitive to know what leads you to here,
    I asked, “Have you lost your way? And why do I see you here?”
    You replied, ”the dawn has not yet cracked to welcome the new world of hope.”
    “Your thread is lost, but I have a spun”–
    It escaped my lips like the caged dove that was
    Imprisoned for ages and wanted to make home the castle of air.
    You looked up at my quiescent eyes with a tacit pain that is
    Shrouded over the catastrophe which dismayed you for years,
    Castrated you of the thought of being welcomed and nurtured by any benevolent soul,
    Made you impotent of your own understanding of self,
    Amputated the faith that love can bring back what all you need
    To germinate into the wholesomeness of life.

    My plumes have been plucked
    With easy cruelty that costs cheaper than the weighing sober human feelings
    That one finds hard to brew in a heart for long;
    The mind gets distracted by the ravenous temptations
    And it seeks to murder the innocence for the experience,
    That is how souls like us are frauded by another and
    Loiter in the void reigned by numbness and tormenting silence.
    In a whole where remnants of my corpses of different episodes
    I see are feeding the mites of Time,
    And reeking of musty meekness ravished by deception and guilt,
    Could nowhere lead me except to a cavity where I want no human
    And a world devoid of love.

    But why then I see the old buried love has won the heart of Osiris
    And arrayed your spirit to make my soul its home again?

    Does it want to return?

    Will I be able to give refuge to this stooge and not send it back to the Golgotha again?

    I really had no answer.

    Laying my arms forward, I palmed your face and stooped to land a kiss on your forehead,
    Made you stand on your feeble limbs and ran my hand to alleviate the soreness of your back
    That laid rested on that rugged trunk for God knows how long.
    The tinge of smile peeking at the corner of your lips with an abundance of silence in your fearful eyes
    Said it all.
    I gasped under my breath,
    “Finally I found you, the reflection of my self after years of distress,
    I think you are my endgame.
    So here I stop and here I resurge to mend us together,
    I will consecrate love as it was never before this beautiful and candor,
    And speak of You and I henceforth.”
    Your sapless voice fertiled with hope, shook,
    And your eyes sparkled as you cleared your throat with a gust to say,
    “Dawn has cracked,
    Phoebus stand here before me to uplift this heart of palsy,
    All my days will hereafter be a resplendant glory,
    So I promise you, and you to me that
    We will walk into the palling night together and
    Make not Time the decayer, but make it trill our saga for eternity to come."

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    P.S.- it's a metaphorical rendition of my first rendezvous with my beloved. The day was 13/01/2019 and since then there has been no looking back. Thank you @ari7ra for everything that help made me who I am today. I love you to infinity and beyond.

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    Finally found you

    Just like this speck of light you entered into my dark and niched out my way to this world again... The woman you built for yourself is a real chimera —some parts from the past, and majorly composed by you.